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Rachel Starr I Have A Wife

Last updated : October 12th 2016
This hot babe is getting a huge cum load on her sweet ass in the following Rachel Starr I Have A Wife video! She and her boyfriend are having a picnic at some friends house, only her boyfriend and get’s drunk and his friend’s wife offers to drive him home. Rachel decides to stay pretending that she wants to help to clean up the place but as soon she remains alone with her married friend she get’s quick in his pants while they are being in the kitchen. It’s clear that she doesn’t care that he is married and he seems to enjoy the moment too much, plus he wants to deepthroat her by any means in this superb afternoon ihaveawife video.

Well Rachel does have her way with convincing men to fuck her and Tommy was her catch for the day. She’s pretty fed up with her always drunk man and she knows that Tommy packs a nice and big cock from his wife as the two women talked about it. You get to see her make her move in the kitchen, and the slutty brunette pulls off his pants to reveal his nice and big hard cock for the cameras and she just starts to suck and deep throat it with a passion. Watch her taking the guy’s cock all over the place in the kitchen and see her fucked fast and hard for the whole afternoon. She even orgasmed a few times, so the guy sure fucked her better than her man could today!

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Alexis Texas I Have A Wife

In the next exciting Alexis Texas I Have A wife video this superb blonde starts teasing and playing with her super hot and horny customer who is married but she doesn’t cares at all. This hot waitress knows how to turn on the guys in her bar and they always leave the place satisfied no question about this because she is damn good in her job. In this ihaveawife.com video she turns on that married guy so bad that he fucks her on the chair and table until he is ready to shoot his big load all over the place. Well her boss did tell her to make sure that all the guys leave pleased no matter what so she is just following orders anyway.

But you can bet that she absolutely adored that nice and hard pussy fucking that she got as well from the guy in this nice and fresh update. She asks if he needs anything else and he jokingly sais that he fancied some pussy as well. Well the blonde kind of had her eye on him as soon as he walked in and she was sure going to take the chance now that it’s in front of her. Watch closely and see her starting off her dining menu tonight as she sucks and slurps on his cock to get him hard, and then you get to see her bent over and fucked over the table doggie style for the rest of the scene. See you soon with more amazing content everyone!

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The Housekeeper

This hot brunette is looking for a job and arrives to John’s place for an interview. As you will see in this i have a wife pictorial, she goes there for the housekeeper position only she will get a whole lot more! Even though John is a married man, he clearly forgets about his wife while he interviews this busty babe with a hot body. She passes the interview and gets the job after he fucks her in every hole and she swallows down his hot cum. Well with a body like that she could honestly get any job that she fancied to be honest. But it seems that she has taken some interest in this guy as well so you can bet that she intends to fuck him some more.

Well the ihaveawife crew can understand the guy as well. It’s not every day that a beautiful and cock hungry babe like her shows up on your doorstep and wants to fuck, and you can just say no. So suffice to say that he wanted to make sure that he got to see her again, and that’s why he hired her in the first place. You get to see them fuck all over the living room as this hottie lets the guy pound that pussy of hers hard style, and when they were done she gets a quick shower fuck with him as well. Suffice to say that the misses comes back as well and the two were already done and finishing up the interview with her never even guessing what went down in their living room!


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Samantha Saint I Have A Wife

Watch this next Samantha Saint I Have A Wife scene in which this beautiful blonde is looking for a place to stay so she finds a room to rent. The moment she sees Bill’s and his wife’s spare bedroom she realizes it’s perfect for her needs. But as any beautiful babe, she has other kind of  needs as well, and the moment she lays her eyes on Bill she thinks that he is the kind of man she wants to fuck even is he is married. In fact, married guys turns her on rally bad, so she doesn’t waste any time and when she finally find’s him alone she makes the move on him. Just look at her hot body and big round tits with pierced nipples, how can he resist her?


The simple answer is that he can’t. And to be honest who would have it in him to say no to such a beautiful and lustful little blonde babe when she wants some action. She got him in her snare as soon as she showed off her pierced nipples and just let this guy grope and feel her nice round tits as much as he wanted beforehand. She then took off his pants and just started to work that nice and hard cock with her juicy lips as he just laid on his back moaning in pleasure at the special treatment she was giving him. And then it was her time to moan as she got a hard fucking from this lucky stud all afternoon for today. Enjoy the scene and see you next week with more!

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Heather Summers

This hot busty blonde is offering us a nice show in this Heather Summers I Have A Wife picture gallery! She cares for her boyfriend and decides to buy him a new guitar so she goes to the store where he meets the seller. He is a married man but tell me who can resist her? When she finds out that he used to be in a rock band she totally forgets about her boyfriend and set’s up a meeting with him. Well you can imagine what happens in this ihaveawife.com video when they meet; they quickly get naked and she starts sucking him big hard cock. Well let’s get this show on the road to see this cute and big titted blonde babe having fun with the nice and hard cock for today shall we?

Heather is one of those babes that you just fantasize about fucking the whole afternoon and evening, and it would make it even better if she was the one making the first step. Well sure enough that is what happened, because as we told you earlier this babe just wanted that nice and hard cock all to herself. Watch closely and see her present the guy with her simply luscious and sexy naked body as she gets undressed right away. And she doesn’t waste time on his cock either as she has him hard in seconds and ready to let him pound that wet and horny cunt of hers today. Enjoy the gallery and this luscious blonde and see you guys next week with more!


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Esperanza Gomez I Have A Wife

In this next Esperanza Gomez I Have A Wife picture gallery you can watch this hot latina giving an amazing blowjob to her neighbor while his wife is being away. She doesn’t mind that he is married, whenever she finds him alone she gets him to fuck her as many time as she wants. In this ihaveawife.com gallery she gets him to fuck her doggy style. Looking at that nice ass of hers, who would blame him?! Well anyway, this blonde knows how to ensnare guys that she wants and this stud was going to fall into her trap as well for the day. You get to see this cutie fuck the stud all afternoon just for your and her pleasure so let’s get started.


As another fresh week swung by there was no way that we would pass the opportunity to bring you this simply superb babe and her scene today. The porn scene was just too awesome to pass it up and you will just love it. Watch her cornering the guy in the kitchen and see this Latino babe as she takes off his pants to reveal that nice and big cock. See her sucking and licking on it as it gets bigger and harder between her juicy lips, and rest assured that the guy enjoyed his nice and long blow job session for today. He ends up blowing his load all over her cute face and this is exactly what the blonde babe wanted from him. Have fun with it guys!

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Shazia Sahari I Have A Wife

Shazia Sahari I Have A Wife is one of the most popular girls around here! In the next ihaveawife scene she goes to meet with her friend but surprisingly, her friend’s husband shows up to tell her that she couldn’t make it. Shazia likes to read and her friend’s husband is a writer.  She loves his books and now she starts feeling horny around him. while he talks to her, Shazia gets turned on more and more and she decides to seduce him. After a good hardcore fuck they both leave satisfied but rest assured that this is one afternoon that both of them won’t soon forget. So let’s see their scene and enjoy the nice fuck they had shall we?

Shazia is of Indian descent as you can probably tell, and one thing that you should know about this cutie is that when she wants to fuck, she will fuck. She never takes no for an answer and unlucky for this faithful guy, he had to work that nice and wet cunt of hers for this afternoon. The thing is that this brunette cutie just gets even more turned on when she hears a guy doesn’t want to cheat on his wife, and she wants that cock even more. Watch the slutty and sexy babe as she bends over and takes that dude’s nice and hard cock doggie style for the whole afternoon today. Enjoy it as usual and see you next week with some more fresh and hot scenes!


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Brandy Aniston IHaveAWife

This is a great Brandy Aniston IHaveAWife video! Simply because Brandy is one amazing chick who really drive any guy crazy. She visited her boyfriend’s best friend to have a little chat with him about site-seeing tips in London because he was born and lived there. When she heard his sexy accent she starts feeling more and more horny and is having a hard time controlling her urge. Even though he treys to remind her that he is married, Brandy can’t stop and gets her hands all over him, it’s clear that she wont take no for an answer and she desperately wants that nice and hard meat pole all to herself for this fine day today.


To be fair, you know that the i have a wife ladies can’t resist that manly British accent and like we said she got more and more horny. She eventually got to a point where she just said to herself that if she doesn’t have his cock in her she’s going to go crazy. Well the dude tried to dissuade her as he’s married and doesn’t want trouble with the misses, but this babe wouldn’t have any of it. See her sucking and slurping on his nice and big meat pole and then see this cutie’s pussy pounded nice and hard by the dude. You get to see her moan in pleasure at the hard fuck she gets and we think that this babe may be visiting again soon for more of his…”help”!

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Brooke Lee Adams I Have A Wife

This Brooke Lee Adams I Have A Wife video has an amazing story behind the scene! She goes to have a look at the home she spent her childhood years and meets up with Denis Marti, her childhood friend and soon she starts feeling at home. He gets however in an difficult situation simply because he is now a married man. Brooke doesn’t seems to care about this and soon she gets her hand all over him. She begins to rub his cock and begs him to fuck her tight sweet pussy with his hard cock. It seems that the lovely babe had a crush on this guy but remained silent. So for today she can get to make up for some lost time at least for the afternoon with him.

The thing is that the dude keeps telling her and begs her not to do this as he’s already married and he wouldn’t want to cheat on his wife. But this cutie is willing to keep it a secret as long as he does if he just submits and lets her have sex with him for the afternoon. Well seeing as she’s also a pretty sexy hottie as well, the guy couldn’t simply just say no to her. See this cutie getting the guy hard with her long and nice blowjob, and then see her taking her spot onto his nice and big meat pole. And you get to see her ride his dick with her pussy all afternoon long today as they have some wild sex in front of the cameras just for you. Enjoy it and see you soon!


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Blake Rose

In the next Blake Rose I Have A Wife video this blonde hotty goes to a attorney’s office to get her credit difficulties sorted out all thanks to her asshole ex-boyfriend. However when the time comes to speak about the payments, Blake can’t afford his price offer. He is strong on his amount but Blake is aware that if she will get him hard in the trousers he will probably become softer concerning the price. So with that thought in mind the lovely and sexy little blonde babe started to work her charm and see if she can get this guy to lower his price in exchange for a more…interesting payment to say the least today.


And so this babe starts talking dirty to him and asks if they can’t work out another deal knowing that this guy would get hard at hearing such a proposal. She knows just how hot she looks and she knows that men can’t resist her temptations, so she moves in for the kill as she grabs his crotch and starts feeling up his nice and large cock as it gets bigger and bigger in his pants. She whips it out and just starts sucking it as she knows that she has him where she wants him today. Watch her sucking and deep throating that cock for a reduction in her fee, and rest assured that it worked in her favor as well. Enjoy this ihaveawife scene and see you soon!

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