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Blake Rose

In the next Blake Rose I Have A Wife video this blonde hotty goes to a attorney’s office to get her credit difficulties sorted out all thanks to her asshole ex-boyfriend. However when the time comes to speak about the payments, Blake can’t afford his price offer. He is strong on his amount but Blake is aware that if she will get him hard in the trousers he will probably become softer concerning the price. So with that thought in mind the lovely and sexy little blonde babe started to work her charm and see if she can get this guy to lower his price in exchange for a more…interesting payment to say the least today.


And so this babe starts talking dirty to him and asks if they can’t work out another deal knowing that this guy would get hard at hearing such a proposal. She knows just how hot she looks and she knows that men can’t resist her temptations, so she moves in for the kill as she grabs his crotch and starts feeling up his nice and large cock as it gets bigger and bigger in his pants. She whips it out and just starts sucking it as she knows that she has him where she wants him today. Watch her sucking and deep throating that cock for a reduction in her fee, and rest assured that it worked in her favor as well. Enjoy this ihaveawife scene and see you soon!

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